Meet the Nintendo 3DS LL, the big brother to the Nintendo 3DS. 3DS LL will be spotting a 4.88-inch 3D display screen, as compared to the smaller 3.53-inch display on the 3DS. The touch screen will also be upgraded from 3.02-inch to 4.18-inch.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that the 3DS LL is packaged with a 4GB SD card. Iwata also said that the battery life will be see some slight improvement. While an AC charger will not be included (sold separately), the 3DS LL will be compatible with existing 3DS and DSi XL adapters.

The 3DS LL will be available in Japan from July 28 onwards at the price of JPY18,900. The US set will be re-branded as 3DS XL and will be on sale on August 19  for USD200.  The 3DS will come in three colours: White, Red and Black, and  Silver and Black.

If you are still holding on tight an old DS, this might be the time for a super-sized upgrade.


Source: Nintendo, KOTAKU, THE VERGE



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