Beginning on September 12, fans who have purchased tickets to watch the Tiger & Bunny movie in Japan can vote for their favorite hero, or whoever they predict to be crowned King of Movie Hero in the film. A webpage will be set up for voting, fans can vote on the site be entering the serial number on their movie tickets followed by clicking on their chosen hero’s name.


The top five heroes voted will receive around one to three minutes of extra screen time relative to all other characters. A special surprise is also being planned for the winning King of Movie Hero. He or she will be honoured with a surprise exclusively for the fans who have voted. The voting webpage will also include a Weekly Hero Countdown”, revealing the hero with the highest votes each week.

The first Tiger & Bunny movie will be released in theaters on 22 September 2012 in Japan. A second movie is in the works and is scheduled to be released in 2013. A roadshow to promoted the movie will begin in September as well. The voting website will be announced at the Tiger & Bunny official website on 5 June.

Who would you vote for?

Source: LivedoorNews


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