The AKB48 General Election is set to begin a couple hours from now, at 5.20PM JST (GMT+0900) or 4.20PM Singapore/Philippines/Central Indonesia time (GMT+0800), and Google Plus will be streaming the whole event live – with simultaneous interpretation in English, to boot!

At 11PM JST (10PM Singapore time) the winner of this year’s AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo (Front-member General Election) will also come on the live stream and give a speech.

Since 2009, every year AKB48 has held a general election to determine which of its numerous members will go into the Media Senbatsu – the top 12 members who will appear centre-stage in most of AKB48’s mass media engagements. Members who place higher will also be featured in CD singles more often, so fans are motivated to vote for their personal favourites.

For instructions to catch all of it live on Google Plus, go to this page. Alterntively, watch the following tutorial video for tips on how you can best immerse yourself in the experience:


Like we previously reported, current AKB48 front-runner Atsuko Maeda will not be participating in the General Election this year, as she will be leaving the Japanese idol group soon. Her “graduation” date from the group has been announced to be August 27.

This means that Yuko Oshima, who won in the second general election in 2010 (Atsuko Maeda won in 2009 and 2011), will probably take the top spot this year.

Who do you think will clinch the top 5 positions in the AKB48 General Election? Here are my personal predictions:

1) Yuko Oshima
2) Mayu Watanabe
3) Mariko Shinoda
4) Yuki Kashiwagi
5) Rino Sashihara

Let us know yours in the comments below!

AKB48 Grand Prix Search for the #1 Fan.



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