Famous game maker TYPE-MOON is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with a wide variety of activities to participate, and goods to purchase from!


As the days to TYPE-MOON Festival drives close, the website has updated the list of special goods to get at the event.

TYPE-MOON is a game making company famous for it’s captivating visual novels. Since it’s start in 2002, TYPE-MOON has continuously produced memorizing and stunning franchises which has long captivated many, including the Tsukihime franchise, Fate franchise, Kara no Kyoukai and so on. This year, TYPE-MOON is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with a massive celebration.

To be held on the 7th and 8th of July at Pacifico’s National Convention Hall of Yokohama, the event is promised to be a night to be remembered by fans and enthusiasts alike.

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Live Concert

As previously reported, this celebration includes a special live concert featuring the singers who have performed for their franchise works. Performing artistes includes:

  • Kalafina (Kara no Kyoukai, Fate/Zero)
  • LiSA (Fate/Zero)
  • Aoi Eir (Fate/Zero)
  • Runa Haruna (Fate/Zero)
  • LR Harmony – Sayaka Sasaki, Miyuki Hashimoto, Feiran, Aki Misato, yozuca* and rino (From New World, see Special Goods section)

Seiyuu Appearances

Special appearance by seiyuu who have voiced for their franchise works will be present as well, with big names such as:

  • Ayako Kawasumi (Saber/Fate)
  • Kana Ueda (Rin Tohsaka/Fate)
  • Mai Kadowaki (Illyasviel von Einzbern/Fate)
  • Rikiya Koyama (Kiritsugu Emiya/Fate)
  • Noriaki Sugiyama (Shiro Emiya/Fate)
  • Jouji Nakata (Kirei Kotomine/Fate)
  • Ryouka Yuzuki (Arcueid Brunestud/Tsukihime)
  • Kumi Sakuma (Ciel/Tsukihime)
  • Kenji Nojima (Shiki Tohno/Tsukihime)
  • Rio Natsuki (Sion/Melty Blood)

More guests are promised, but TYPE-MOON is keeping these names under wraps.

TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Goods

To those in attendance, a great variety of special goods and merchandises to be purchased by fans of their work. These products are available for purchase the day before the event, as well as on the days themselves.


TYPE-MOON Fes. Official Phamplet

Price: 2000 yen (with tax)
Size: 297mm x 297mm
Specifications: 100 pages

The official pahmplet for the event, it records the 10 years of TYPE-MOON by chronological order. It also contains the many comments from the staff, as well as special contributions from invited writers and illustrators as well.



Price: 4000 yen (with tax)

Exclusive event goods such as mugs, key chains, leather straps, mini charm, micro-fiber towel packaged in a unique box. These goods are produced with the event key visuals as well as super-deformed artwork by CHANxCO.



Price: 1000yen (with tax)
Specifications: 1 box includes 15 cookies

Printed on delicious cookies, 20 extremely adorable TYPE-MOON characters will be packaged at random within a box. Of which one of the following characters will be featured in an exclusive vinyl strap sealed within the box – Saber, Shiki, Arcueid and Aoko.


TYPE-MOON Fes. Event T-Shirt

Price: 4500yen (with tax)
Sizes: S/M/L/XL

Available in red and blue, these CHOU COOL~ T-shirts will surely bring together the atmosphere for the event.

TYPE-MOON Fes. Character T-Shirt

Price: 5500 yen (with tax)
Sizes: S/M/L/XL

T-shirt printed using the adorable illustrations by CHANxCO. Bring out the fun and cute in the event with this full-print tee!


TYPE-MOON Fes. Muffler Towel

Price: 3500 yen (with tax)

Printed using extremely comfy material, these mufflers add to the atmosphere as they are printed using event key visuals. 2 variants are available, 「Saber & Arcueid」 and 「Shiki & Aoko」.


TYPE-MOON Fes. Tapestry Set

Price: 3000 yen (with tax)
Size: 364mm x 364mm
Specifications: 1 set includes 3 pieces

Produced using the art from invited illustrations included within the Official Phamplet, 6 variant types of tapestries are included in two different sets. Each set would include pre-determined sets of 3 tapestries.


From new world

Price: 1200 yen (with tax)
Special gift: Jacket illustration poster

Performed by singing unit “LR harmony”, the image song of the event is called 「From new world」 and is available for purchase at the event. Special gift will be given for patrons who purchase this single at the event.



Price: 1500 yen (with tax)
Size: 48cm x 55cm

A big bag produced using the image of the ball (key visual), this bag can not only help to carry all the exclusive goods, but also in other occasions after the event.



Price: 1000 yen (with tax)

As an effort to help the needy and rebuild the damage caused by the Touhoku Earthquake disaster last year, exclusive “Cat-can” T-shirts (presumed free size) can be purchased. Two colours are offered, red and blue. All proceeds are to be donated to Red Cross in the effort to relief those affected by the disaster.


Fate/Zero Mini Charm Set
Master Set ・ Servant Set

Price: 2000 yen per set (with tax)

All dressed up for the occasion, ufotable has illustrated the masters and servants exclusively for the event. All 14 masters and servants are illustrated into deformed versions and split into two sets: 「Masters」 & 「Servants」. Each charm can be used for a variety of occasions as they are can be used independently.


Ichiban Premium Lucky Draw

Ichiban Premium Lucky Draw TYPE-MOON ~10 Year Anniversary~

Price: 800 yen per try (with tax)
Manufacture Origin: Branpresto Inc.

Ichiban Kuji, or Ichiban Lucky Draws are a chance to win spectacular and exclusive prizes with a lucky draw dip ticket! Each ticket gives a chance for that one prize you really wish to get. To celebrate TYPE-MOON’s 10th anniversary, there will be a pre-sale of this Kuji at TYPE-MOON Fest.!


Nendroid Saber

Nendroid Saber 10th ANNIVERSARY Edition

Price: 4000 yen (with tax)
Scale: Non-scale, with special display stand, will stand at approximately 100mm
Original Sculpt: Oda Tsuyoshi, Akira Takano
Manufacture Origin: GoodSmile Company

Exclusively re-engineered to celebrate TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary, an entirely new, sparkling glossy  「Nendroid Saber – Super Movable Edition」 will be available at TYPE-MOON Fest.! Along with 3 different expressions (Happy, Angry and To-Hell-With-You), this adorable Nendroid comes with an Excalibur, Caliburn, Invisible Air, Avalon, and other optional parts! Recreate your favourite comedic scenes with this extremely flexible Nendroid Saber.  – There are no changes to optional parts compared to previous releases.


Carnival ・ Phantasm Original Set

Carnival ・ Phantasm Original Goods Set

Price: 10 000 yen (with tax)
※Storyboard Collection (Part 1 & 2) + Goods set
Specifications: Entire package includes both Storyboard Collections. Goods will also not be sold seperately
Manufacture Origin: Ichijin Inc.

Limited stock at the event, the set includes a huge tote bag (65cm x 48cm) along with a B2 size 「Printed on Washi (special paper) tapestry」, 「C.P Original Curry」 and a special hand fan, all illustrated by Eri Takenashi!
Also, a special gift will also be included exclusively for those who purchase this set at the event!


Carnival ・ Phantasm Storyboard Collection (Part 1 & 2)

Price: 3000 yen (with tax) for both parts
Manufacture Origin: Ichijin Inc.

Storyboards of the Anime 「Carnival ・Phantasm」, all within 1 package! Each part contains 6 volumes with all 12 episodes are included within these 2 parts!



Unfortunately, It is not possible to attain any more tickets via the recommended retail sources at this point of time. However, you may still attend the many live broadcasts available throughout Japan theatres!

Visit e+ here to attain your last minute tickets!

Not able to attend the event? You may still purchase the goods at the event site without any tickets. Alternatively, some items will be available for online purchase, to be announced again later.

Source: TYPE-MOON Fest. Official Website


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