Arc System Works has finally revealed its new Nintendo 3DS game which they have teased online a few weeks ago. The teaser site has now updated details about the new mystery game titled Kyuukousha no Shojo, translated in english as “The Girl of the Old School Building”. 

Details from the official site states that the game Kyuukousha no Shojo is set in the town of Nanafushi Ootsgichou, a town known for its lush beautiful scenery, amidst its urban legends.

Apparently at a school in town, stories of certain urban legend pertaining to seven mysteries has been spreading amongst the students.

The as of yet unnamed main character of the game is particularly interested in a rather peculiar mystery, one which leads to a door in the school library that does not open. The game revolves around her search for clues that might help solve this mystery.

Arc System Works has yet to reveal the game’s official release date.

Source: 4gamer



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