On 30th June 2012, the air of anticipation was tight for the whole afternoon before the start of the concert at SCAPE* Warehouse. People were queuing for almost half a day ahead prior to the start of the concert and even the rain didn’t prove to be much of an obstacle for them. The area was robust with fans of various ages and ethnicity.

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The fans turned out in full force to see their favourite band, not only from Singapore but from Taipei and even Korea, many of whom had flown over just to see the band on its World Tour or followed them from their previous location. Fans were singing out to show their love and appreciation for One OK Rock’s visit while they interact with each other. Fans of the Japanese rock band queued to get their hands on One OK Rock’s live goods such as T-shirts, towels, iPhone cases and stickers.

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005, comprising of Taka (vocalist), Toru (guitarist), Ryota (bassist), and Tomoya (drummer). The name of the band means “One o’clock”, which is the time the band used to start for the regular jamming sessions. They try to stylise the name by changing “o’clock” to “o’krock”, which was then separated to become “OK Rock”.

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Minutes after seven, Singapore fans of One OK Rock finally got their chance to meet and rock together with their favourite Japanese rock band at the SCAPE* Warehouse. The lights dimmed out to cue the fans to be ready and they were treated to an impressive performance on stage.

Like the other fans, it was my first time attending the concert and to be honest, I have not heard a single song of theirs prior to attending it. My initial impression was that they are very unique group, with strong American alternate rock influences. Bands such as Jimmy Eat World and BACK-ON was one of the groups I could relate to with strong comparisons.

Drummer Tomoya was great throughout the concert with his performance while Guitarist Toru impresses everyone with his powerful rush of chords with Ryota doing a great job on the bass. Taka’s stage presence was great as he interacts with the fans. Unlike other concerts where I’ve been to where fans will keep to their spirit with colourful light sticks that sway to the rhythm of the songs, the fans here would keep their arms raised high and pump their fist into the air and jump along. It’s nice to get fans to partake and sing along with the performance for “Answer is Near”. Fans were singing in harmony for this song as they called for encore later on during the concert. “Wherever you are” brought tears to my eyes as I stood there and listened to the nice guitar play by Toru while Taka sang, putting in a lot of feelings into it.

© Amuse / J-LIVE ASIA

The peak of the performance was probably during “NO SCARED” as the fans starting lifting off the ground higher and higher. It finally came to an end with “Kenzen Kankaku Dreamer” but the fans wanted more and chanted for an encore. Their calls got reciprocated when One OK Rock came back on for another two more encore songs, ” Jibun Rock” and “Naihi Shinsho”.

One OK Rock, without a doubt rocked their audience at SCAPE* Warehouse. Many fans went home with ringing in their ears, yet with gleeful smiles, knowing that the band promised to be back in the future.




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