Last week we ran a piece that discussed the possibility of Persona 3’s Fuuka Yamagishi being featured in Persona 4 Arena (Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena in Japan and Asia).

Speculation on Fuuka’s inclusion began when some sharp-eyed Persona fans noticed that a particular screenshot of the game’s gallery mode released to Japanese media featured tiny snippets of what appeared to be character portraits for Fuuka and Persona 4’s Nanako Dojima.

This week we finally got  some form of official confirmation: according to Weekly Famitsu magazine, Fuuka Yamagishi will indeed be selectable in Persona 4 Arena as an announcer voice (called a “navi-voice” in the game).

It’s not entirely clear from the cut-off text in the image below (bigger), but it appears that Fuuka’s navi-voice will be sold as DLC.

Fans should also be pleased to see that Fuuka’s grown a pigtail and changed her look in the time gap between the end of Persona 3 and the beginning Persona 4 Arena (approximately three years):

We still do not know for sure if the voice of Persona 4’s Nanako Dojima will also be available as a navi-voice in the game as well. But since Nanako’s character portrait is located right next to Fuuka’s, the obvious conjecture is that developer Arc System Works should be making a similar announcement for Nanako soon.

Who else would you like to see featured as a navi-voice in Persona 4 Arena?

Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) will hit stores in Japan and Asia on July 26, and in the US on August 7.

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