COSMO Youth Parade‘s Parade Ambassador, Taiwanese teen cosplayer Neneko, was in town to grace the event.

This teen star has participated in numerous cosplay competitions and even appearing on a Taiwansese variety show on television. We managed to grab an interview with her to find out more about her and hear what she has to say about cosplaying. This interview was done in Mandarin and translated for your reading pleasure.

1. What type of characters do you look for when choosing a character to cosplay?
I tend to cosplay “blur” or sensual characters. Like Yui from K-ON for example, but I do cosplay other types of characters as well, not just those two.

2. Do you have a pet peeve about cosplaying?
I dislike people who will cause harm to others, other than that I feel that cosplayers should have to freedom to have fun while cosplaying, provided it does not intrude into other people’s personal space.

3. We have noticed that quite a number of your photos are of you cosplaying alone. Do you prefer to cosplay alone or with others?
There are benefits from doing it both ways. When I cosplay in a group, it usually organize it myself and the group will consist of around 10 people. Cosplaying together with friends is not bad too because we can interact with each other and it is quite fun to do so, so I quite like cosplaying with friends. However, unlike other cosplayers from other countries, most cosplayers in Taiwan prefer to cosplay alone instead of in a team.

4. How were you introduced to cosplay?
It’s through my drawings, I like to draw manga characters. I think it is faster for me to express myself through my drawings rather than by talking.

5. In cosplay, it takes alot of effort to create a very good cosplay, worthy to compete in competitions, do u agree?
Actually, no. I just want to do a good cosplay for others to see. For example, with Arhi from League of Legends, I discussed with the photographer what shots we want to achieve. The tails were all done digitally as they were supposed to be much bigger than the character’s body.

6. What other hobbies do you have besides cosplaying?
Recently, I really like sewing my own cosplay costumes. I used to commission others to sew my costumes, but now I feel a sense of satisfaction sewing them on my own.

7. Do you feel that a lot of money has to be spent to make a good costume?
To me it is not necessary, cosplay is being creative, so it is part of using one’s creativity and skill to to save money to get the costume made. You don’t need to spend a fortune on it. If you can do it and save money, you can use that money to make your next cosplay costume, I think that is pretty good.

8. You mentioned that you like to play games, what kind of games do you like to play?
Umm, how do I put this. Games that boys like to play. (laughs) But recently I like to play Queen’s Blade & Queen’s Gate.


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