Introduce yourself
Hello! I’m Kirisaki from Singapore. Forever a poor student saving up for cosplay stuff and eating grass one day at a time. Ive been cosplaying for a few years. Perhaps about 4 to 5?, I can’t really remember the specifics but anyway nice to meet ya!

Why do you cosplay?
For fun, interest and everything nice.

What and when was your first cosplay?
It was princess princess, somewhere back in 2007/2008? I don’t even want to remember anymore, it was soooooooooooo bad.

How do you choose the characters that you cosplay?
They usually come from the series that I like, it might not necessarily be my favorite characters, but they are just likeable. I take into consideration costume difficulty and whether or not I’m suited for the character, looks and portrayal wise.

What is your most memorable cosplay experience?
I will give it to one of my first cosplay photoshoots I had quite some years ago. Woke up at 4am just to prepare and leave the house to capture the sunrise. Turns out me and my partner sacrificed our sleep for nothing because it started raining around 6am. The one thing I learnt from cosplay shoots would be “Never trust the weather forecast!”


What was your silliest cosplays moment?
Well it ranges from nearly tripping over your own gown to having your wig blown into unrecognizable styles to climbing over obstructions just to shoot at inaccessible places. I will consider the last one as somewhat an achievement though LOL XD.

What is your most favorite character to cosplays as?
I don’t think I have one. But I like running around in big gowns and glorious looking costumes just to impress myself with my own inadequate costume making skills ROFL.


Where do your costumes come from? Do share!
Self made!  Can’t recall when was the last time I bought a costume from somewhere. As far as I can remember I’ve been tailoring my own costumes since 2-3 years ago.  Self made costumes are much more cheaper haha, and that’s my main motivation to sew! 8D

Do you have any Cosplayers that you look up to?
YEEEESSSSSS. I’m biased towards Korean cosplayers. I like Kotaro in particular! <3 Other than that I really admire their costume making skills and complexion and figure and shoot location and yea you get the idea. I follow a lot of Japanese cosplayers on cure as well! Just too many to name them all ):


Were there any changes in your life after cosplay?
Not in particular, except for the fact that while my schoolmates are out having fun and chilling, I’m stuck at home sewing costume and hoping that my props will make themselves.


Is there anything that you would like to say to all your fellow Cosplayers out there?
Hello and hello again. Nice seeing you all 8D Hopefully I can get to meet new people at every event! Do say hi if you see me hanging around at events <3 ~



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