Cosfest is just around the corner, Yes! Literally around the corner! And this year Cosfest is bound to be one of the most exciting Cosplay Events of 2012 with amazing Asia Cosplay Meet performances, more spectacular singing voices and special guests!

This year’s Cosfest will be graced by one of the most amazing cosplayers from Japan, Reika!
She is a passionate cosplayer and we enjoyed finding more about her feelings towards cosplay and her appearance in this years Cosfest!


1. What do you like about cosplaying?
It’s a little hard for me to put into words but my heart is set ablaze with love for anime and manga
I feel s much passion for cosplaying and am glad to be able to animate 2D characters into life. It is my own personal cosplay and I am delighted with the effort that I put into it because it is my cosplay.

2. Why do you want to come to Cosfest 2012?
I had always felt a lot of energy and enthusiasm from many cosplayers in Singapore and I wished to experience it myself.  I wished to meet everybody some day and would love that we enjoy cosplay together.

3. What do you look forward to in Cosfest 2012?
I wish for an exciting time, and nice, faithful encounters! I would also like to see the exciting performances on the stage!

4. Do you have anything  you wish to say to the cosplayers here in Singapore? 
I feel that the current cosplay scene in present Japan is somewhat pressuring and I have high expectations about the cosplay scene in Singapore. I feel that everyone in Singapore enjoys cosplay and I would also like to enjoy it myself! I look forward to meeting everyone in Singapore! I hope to see you tomorrow!


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