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Earlier this week we reported that [email protected] Shiny Festa will feature a “Shining Burst” play mechanic that will let you activate a special cutscene mid-song, if you do well.

We had thought this to be similar to climax scenes in Hatsune Miku Project Diva F.

But as it turns out, [email protected] Shining Festa‘s implementation is quite different: each song in the game will actually feature two different accompanying music video clips.

You can choose to start the song with either playing in the background. There is also an option to disable Shining Bursts completely, so that you’ll stick to the same music clip for the entire song.

During play, as you rack up combos through well-timed button presses, your “☆ (Kirameki) meter” will begin to fill. This meter is no different from the life or pass/fail meter in other rhythm action titles.

When it’s completely filled, at specific points in a song, a “Shooting Star” note will appear on the screen.

Clear the note with a well-timed button press, and you’ll activate Shining Burst, which will change the currently playing clip to the other one, and vice-versa.

Although this may sound gimmicky in theory, it may in fact lead to some meaningful moments for [email protected] fans.

For instance, for Chihaya Kisaragi’s (CV: Asami Imai) Yakusoku, you may choose to start playing with the following clip in the background:

Then, when you hit the high point of the song, a Shooting Star note could change the clip to the following one, which depicts Chihaya’s childhood memories.


Another example. In the song Gero Gero Kitchen, a Shooting Star appears right after Chihaya yells “I’ve got it, gero!” (取ったゲロー!).

With a well-time button press you could swap clips and have Chihaya appear in an elegant stage costume.

Famitsu also notes that during a Shining Burst it’s much easier to increase your score as well.


Apart from detailing the game’s Shining Burst mechanic, Famitsu has also published screenshots for a couple of songs, as well as package iluustrations for each of the three different versions (which will all come with different track-lists).

Tonari ni…
A ballad about a deceased loved one. What sort of scenes will follow after a Shining Burst, we wonder.

Marionette no Kokoro
First unveiled in the 13th episode of the anime series.

Smoky Thrill
Unit Ryuguu Komachi’s signature song. From training wear to… nekomimi (cat ears) and shippo (tail) cosplay?

Jibun [email protected]
A song that signifies the 765Pro idols’ growth.


Package shots


Honey Sound

Funky Note

Groovy Tune

For more on [email protected] Shiny Festa, pick up a copy of this week’s Famitsu magazine.

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Source: Famitsu


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