“It costs just two dollars.”

Looks like Hatsune Miku steam buns won’t be the only Vocaloid related food item you’ll be able to buy from Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart this Summer.

Today the Family Mart X Hatsune Miku product development blog uploaded a mosaic-ed picture of a a bottle of vegetable juice – specifically, the “green juice” (緑のジュース) that Hatsune Miku receommends in the song PoPiPo (which was featured in Sega’s Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd):

Although Family Mart did not reveal a price for the bottle of Hatsune Miku-themed vegetable juice, they just might go all the way with the PoPiPo theme and sell it for two dollars or 200 yen.

Apart from the steamed buns and vegetable juice, a Miku-themed cup yakisoba – based on Pair & Young Divah (ペヤングだばあ) from the circle Zaneeds – will also be sold.

Source: FamiMa X Hatsune Miku Project Development Blog


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