A video of a fan-made [email protected] Dearly Stars anime video has been making its way around Nicovideo and Youtube.

The vid-maker, who goes by “Com”,  says that he (or possibly she) did it to commemorate the 7th Anniversary Live and the release of all 9 Blu-ray/DVD volumes.

In fact, work on this short video begun right after he finished marathon-ing through the entire anime series in one shot. Watching simply wasn’t enough.

Com-san said that this was the first [email protected] video he’s ever worked on, and that most of the animation frames were traced directly from the [email protected] anime series rather than drawn from scratch, so it didn’t take as much work as you might have thought.

But that’s just Com being modest.

Kotaku Japan’s Takeshi Kamio notes that even if one were to create cells from the [email protected] anime series, trace them out, change the characters, and align everything to the music, that’s really way too much work for the average fan; it’s something that only a true [email protected] fan could endeavour.

Com is indeed a true blue [email protected] fan – the type referred to amongst the community as a DD (“Daredemo Daisuki” or “Likes Every Character”). In the description for his video on Nico Nico Douga, Com says that he hopes to see a season two for the [email protected] anime series, and that hopefully it will feature not only the 765Pro stars, but also the gals (well, two girls and a guy) from Dearly Star’s 876Pro.

Source : Kotaku Japan

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With additional reporting by KarbyP.


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