If you checked out the comments in our post yesterday about Project Diva Arcade Ver.B then you already know this: arcades here in Singapore have it!

SGCafe reader ShinRa sent us an email and some pictures of the updated cabinet at Serangoon NEX:

I saw them update to Version B in Singapore after watching Spiderman at Serangoon NEX. And boy, its a huge improvement on the update!! New loading BGM, new loading screens and all !! And yes, ID card works!

I just wanted to play the game after the movie (Played Version A for hours before the movie) where I saw the tech guy update it. And when I went closer to take a look, it says VERSION B!!!
So I just stood there, all excited like a child waiting for candy. And that 30 minute wait was so worth it!



ShinRa also mentions that the Divanet page has been updated to accomodate the new features like snapshot downloading (costs 30VP per shot) and Twitter integration:

Snapshot shop (画像ショップ)


Twitter integration


ID Card info page

So what are you waiting for? Run out now to your nearest arcade (that has Project Diva Arcade), join the line of players queueing up for Miku, and start accumulating those VPs!

If you use the snapshot feature, share your pictures of Hatsune Miku with the rest of us over here in the Project Diva Arcade thread on SGCafe forums! Or just head over there and talk about your impressions with Ver.B, find folks to register as your rival in the game.

Thanks for sharing, ShinRa-P!

Kudos also to Liu Woon Yung for letting us know that Virtualand Bugis also has Project Diva Arcade Ver.B.

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