Looks like NTT DoCoMo isn’t the only company that’s doing a tie-up with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. According to the following Japanese magazine scan, uploaded by an anonymous netizen, the long-running manga series is also doing a collaboration with Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3G – in the form of JoJo-themed quests and equipment.

Capcom will distribute the two JoJo-themed DLC quests on August 10 and 17  respectively. Players who partake in either of these quests will also be able to acquire equipment exclusive to the tie-up. But to do so they’ll first have to farm for the materials required to forge the pieces in question.

The first of these two equipment pieces, “The Mask of a Stand” (スタンドのお面), is some sort of armour for your Felyne helper (correct me if I’m wrong, MonHun 3G players – from what I understand the お面 class of equipment is Felyne-exclusive and gives your helper different traits and behaviour patterns). This piece is themed after the Harvest stand in Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable. The Mask of a Stand can be forged as soon as you download the DLC quest to be distributed on August 10.

A week after that, on August 17, players can begin to acquire a “Crazy D (Diamond)” hammer. This is themed after the Crazy Diamond stand, whose user Josuke Higashikata is the protagonist in Part IV.

Although the Monster Hunter tie-up isn’t exactly as elegant as what the franchise is doing with DoCoMo, it’s still extremely heartening to see JoJo making the rounds to partner up with other companies – especially since it’s being adapted into an anime series, after all. Everything from now till the anime series’ airing date will only build up anticipation.

Still it strikes me as a little strange that Capcom would collaborate on something with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure at this point. Especially since Capcom’s development studios aren’t the ones enlisted to make Namco Bandai’s new JoJo All-Star Battle fighting game for the PS3. Sure, Capcom made a 2D JoJo fighter in the past… but that’s all in the past now.

… Or is it?

Yesterday some sharp-eyed netizens spotted the following list of Xbox Live achievements for something entitled “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD”.


Today’s reveal pretty much confirms that Capcom’s been hanging out with the cool boys over at Shueisha (who publishes JoJo), not that I ever doubted if the list of achievements were legit or not – leaked achievement lists were how the fighting games community found out about a Marvel vs Capcom 2 re-release, as well as Evil Ryu and Oni’s existence in SSF4 Arcade Edition, among other things.

Just a matter of time before Capcom announces the JoJo re-release, we think.

Source: Xbox360Achievements [via Eventhubs, ShoryukenCrunchyroll]


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