Madoka Magica is Lawson’s next collaboration target, with its summer joint promotion with Ito En. Prizes can be won when you buy Ito En drinks, and there will be exclusive goods available at Lawson stores.

Buying selected drinks from Ito En will give you a code on the receipt which entitles you points you can accumulate to participate in a draw!

For the A course: A Kyubey sofa

B Course: Original 3D poster

C Course: Kyubey Bath set

D Course: Petanko Figure

E Course: Clear File

There is also a bonus wallpaper image for all participants of the campaign.

The Lawson tie-ins include:

Sweet tablets with a 3D illustration box

And a cream and blueberry jam bread

The bread also comes with bonus skill cards which can be used for the Madoka Magica Online game.

Source: Lawson


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