Over 300 reference illustrations and animation cels from the Macross series will be on display in a 30th anniversary art exhibition – titled “The Macross Gengaten” (ザ・マクロス原画展) – to be held at the Seibu Gallery in Ikebukuro (2nd storey) from August 10 to 22.

Although the 1/1 VF-25 Valkyrie fighter life-sized replica from April’s Macross Choujikuu Tenrankai exhibition (マクロス超時空展覧会~バルキリーで誘って!~) will probably not be making an appearance at The Macross Gengaten, the art exhibition will feature various figures and other Macross-themed merchandise in addition to illustrations.

Gengaten visitors can also opt into a paid “Character Voice Guide” service, which has Macross F’s Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee “attending” to them through voice recordings that will accompany and introduce various exhibits.

The exhibition will feature fan artwork as well. From now till July 28, fans can submit their best pieces – of characters and scenes from any entry in the Macross franchise – to a contest that’s being held at illustration upload site Tinami. Nominated pieces will go through a final round of inspection before making their way to The Macross Gengaten.’

Two types of The Macross Gengaten merch-plus-ticket admission packages will be sold: a 2000-yen bundle that includes gold-plated bookmark with a ticket, and a 700-yen one that comes with a pin-badge instead.

Both packages can be purchased online through Ticketpia (bookmark, pin-badge). The gold-plated bookmark package can also be purchased at selected Animate and Libro outlets.

For full details, head over to The Macross Gengaten’s homepage.

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