Earlier this month we told you that Animate Cafe would be doing a collaboration with Crypton Future Media’s Hatsune Miku and offereing Miku-and-friends-themed dishes and drinks, available from August 1 to 31.

Now that it’s almost August 1, Animate Cafe’s homepage has finally been updated with details on the actual menus.

A total of three main courses, five desserts, and five drinks will be offered.

The three main courses are:

  • Miku no Negi Tokumori Pasta! (ミクのネギ特盛りパスタ!)
  • Rin-Len 2-colour Banana Curry (リンレン2色バナナカレー)
  • Full of green onion and fatty tuna – Miku-Ruka-don (ネギトロたっぷり ミクルカ丼)

Some of the desserts on the menu include Kaito’s Soda Ice (カイトのソーダアイス), and Tropical AnMiku (トロピカルあんみく).

As for drinks, two of the items on the menu are Rin and Len’s Banana Juice with Banana Ice on it (リン・レン バナナジュース バナナアイスのせ), and Meiko’s Recommendation: Berries with Sparkling Water (メイコのオススメ ベリー入りスパークリング).

Source: Hachima


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