Japanese electropop group Perfume announced today, at a Hyouketsu Summer Night (氷結 SUMMER NIGHT) special live event,  that they will be going on an Asia tour – the group’s first-ever overseas concert tour – later this year in Autumn.

“It’s finally been decided! We’re doing an Asia tour!” leader of the group Ayaka Nishiwaki, better known to fans as A-chan, announced exuberantly on-stage earlier today.

“All the memories we’ve made so far in Japan, we’d like to share them with the rest of the world,” she added.

Perfume’s Asia tour will begin in October with a performance in Taiwan, and followed by concerts in Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore in November.

Ticket sales will officiate at a later date, and be offered first to Perfume fan club members. All the concerts will be standing-room only – which Oricon Style noted was sort of Perfume returning to their roots.

Here’s the complete tour schedule:

Perfume Overseas Tour (working title)
October 26, 2012 (Friday) – Taiwan, Neo Studio
November 7, 2012 (Wednesday) – Hong Kong, Rotunda 3
November 17, 2012 (Saturday) – Korea, AX-KOREA
November 24, 2012 (Saturday) – Singapore, SCAPE

Apart from the Asia Tour, the group also announced that a compilation album, Perfume Global Compilation “Love the World”, will be released on September 12 both in Japan and overseas in Asia.

Perfume Global Compilation will be different from a regular “best-of” album in that it will feature a mix of “danceable” tracks as well as songs that are likely to be well-received overseas. These will include record chart hits such as Polyrhythm and Laser Beam, as well as tracks that are popular at live concerts: Chocolate Disco, Fake It, etc.

About Perfume


Perfume is a three-member Japanese electropop girl group from Hiroshima well-known in Japan not only for their delectable electronic music (produced by Yasutaka Nakata, who is also the producer for Capsule and Kyari Pamyu Pamyu), but also for their synchronised dance sequence at live performances, and various stage gimmicks in their concerts.

The Hyouketsu Summer Night event today in Japan, for instance, featured “six Perfume members on-stage” – Ayaka Nishiwaki (A-chan), Ayano Omoto (Nocchi), Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka) performed their songs alongside 3D holograms of themseleves.

The group changed music labels and went global earlier this year in February.

Source: Oricon Style


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