Diva station Weekly(Project Diva Official Blog) announces the inclusion of 4 new modules for popular arcade music game , Project Diva Arcade.
The 4 modules that they will be releasing on 31 July 2012 are, “Americana”, “Gothic Purple”, “Club activities girl” and “Nostalgic”

“Americana” was first released on this year’s Miku no Hi celebration and the other 3 debuted in Project Diva Extend as usable modules.

The 4 modules that will be available are as follows :

Americana – 300 VP

Gothic Purple – 250 VP

Club Activities Girl – 250 VP

Nostalgic – 250 VP


The 4 modules will be out on 31 July 2012  on Project Diva Arcade. Americana will cost 300 VP and the rest 250 VP each.

Source : Weekly Diva Station



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