RDG (Red Data Girl) is getting an anime adaptation by PA Works (true tears, Hanasaku Iroha, TARI TARI), with revised character designs by illustrator Kishida Mel (Original novel artwork is by Sakai Komako).

The story is about a girl, Suzuhara Izumiko, who was born and raised in a shrine in the mountains. She lives quietly with her father, who is the head priest. In her third year of middle school, she is unexpectedly sent to a school in Tokyo, Houjou Gakuen. There, she is reconciled with her childhood friend Miyuki, who is extremely popular in class. Miyuki doesn’t acknowledge her at first, but due to family circumstances, he is ordered to become Izumiko’s slave for life. The two of them are then wrapped up in the strange happenings at school, with humanity at stake.

The author, Ogiwara Noriko, expresses her excitement at being able to see the characters move on screen. She also mentions that the anime was planned before the novels reached a conclusion, but says that things have settled down since, and that she is looking forward to the anime.

This will also be the second collaboration between Kishida Mel and PA Works, the first being Hanasaku Iroha.

Official site here: http://rdg-anime.jp/


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