Many exciting announcements were made at the Science Adventure Matsuri, held in Akihabara last weekend. There were also stage performances by Itou Kanako, nao and Afilia Saga East, and stage talk sessions by the voice actors and game/anime staff.

The PV for the upcoming anime adaptation of Robotics;Notes was also released, as previously reported. The anime is set to run for 2 cours (24 episodes), on the Noitamina time slot. The anime’s official site was also opened on the same day.

The series composition will be handled by Hanada Jukki, who has previously worked on the series composition for the Steins;Gate anime. Recording for the anime is already well under way, as the voice actors revealed that recording for episode 2 was completed recently.

At the live stage recording for the Robotics;Notes radio show, voice actors Nanjou Yoshino, Kimura Ryohei and Tokui Sora reveal a side project, Mezase! ROBO-1.

This will involve Nanjou Yoshino and Kimura Ryohei taking part in the actual ROBO-ONE hobby robot competition this year on the 1st and 2nd of September as their characters have done in Robotics;Notes, and try to win.
It may sound like a reckless project, but preparations are already underway, and the robot they will be using is the Tanegashima Machine 3, just like in the story.

This Tanegashima Machine 3 is not only a replica of the original design from the game, it can also use the attacks from the story, like Tanegashi Accel Impact, and Tanegashi Rush. There will be footage from their practice sessions as they prepare for the competition in September.

The Tanegashima Machine 3 is also on display at the Noitamina Shop and Cafe Theater in Aqua City, Odaiba.

A new game for the Science Adventure series was also announced at the event. It will be the fourth game in the series.

Not much is revealed about this besides a teaser image (With Shibuya 109 in the background, thus triggering speculation that it could be related to Chaos;Head), and a cryptic message from 5pb’s Chiyomaru Shikura, saying that the new game will be a “psychotic suspense mystery”, and that most of the main storyline is complete, and development is already underway. Fans can expect more updates regarding this title in the near future.

In Steins;Gate announcements, a release date has been set for the novel, Heitoki Kyokusen no Epigraph (Epigraph of the Closed Timelike Curve), which is set a few months after the events of the game.

It follows the days of Makise Kurisu in America, and will introduce a new character. The novel will see a pre-release at the upcoming Comiket 82, and will be released with a drama CD this August 31st. The book can be pre-ordered from Amazon starting today.

Other interesting things at the event:

1/1 Gunbarrel display!

Skal, Senomiya Akiho’s favourite drink!
Kurisu and Mayuri Kaiba- candies

A must-have at any Science Adventure event, Doctor Pepper!

Okarin: This is a drink for intellectuals…

The notorious Passionfruit steamed bun from Robotics;Notes.

Visitors could also try their hand at battling with hobby robots!

Gachapon machines:

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