Ever fancy yourself a Haro to help you? Now fret no more! Japanese electronics maker Sharp, together with the Gundam Front Tokyo entertainmentcomplex are collaborating together to produce Haro robot vacuums. The robot character Haro, appears frequently in many Gundam anime and video games, and not only that, it has become a mascot character for the Gundam franchise as well as Sunrise anime studio.

The latest edition in the Cocorobo line of robotic vacuum cleaners will be available in green “Haro type” and red “Haro (Char ver.) type” versions. Each unit features a plasmacluster ion generator for air purification and a voice recognition function. The collaboration model vacuum will also use Haro’s voice to respond to users.

The Gundam Front Tokyo opened on the seventh floor of the of Diver City Tokyo Plaza on Tokyo’s Odaiba island next to the newly rebuilt 1/1-scale Gundam statue in April. The complex’s features include a collection of plastic models from throughout the franchise’s history and a hemispherical dome theater. The Gundam Front Tokyo shop also offers a variety of exclusive souvenirs and promotional items.

(Source: Anime News Network)


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