Mad Catz-sponsored fighting games pro Taniguchi Hajime – better known as “Tokido” or “The Murder Face” to the fighting games community at large – will be coming down to Singapore next weekend (July 28 & 29) as part of the festivities here for Sony and Capcom’s Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament!

Although the multi-faceted pro gamer, who’s based in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture and team-mates with Daigo Umehara, is most well-known for his achievements at Street Fighter tournaments,  Tokido also plays Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Tekken at a highly competitive level.

His talents in such games have led to fans christening him as one of the five fighting game gods in Japan (Daigo, Nuki, Haitani, Sako, and Tokido… in case you’re wondering, Mago the 2D God is not part of the quintuplet, because Mago’s title is self-asserted), and has also earned him nicknames like “The Murder Face” and “Ice Age” for his cool, calculated but ultimately devastating play. Here’s an example:

So come on down to Wisma Atria, Level 1 Atirum next weekend – July 28 and 29 – to catch Tokido in action at the tournament grounds.

Better still, if you’ve confident of your Street Fighter skills, take the Murder Face on. Go on, challenge him to a match (if you dare).

We’re not sure if you’ll actually have to spot him at the event and ask politely to have a match, or if there will be a line formed just for getting your turn against Tokido. Just keep a look out for exuberant “oooh”s and “aaah”s from the crowd at the location, and you shouldn’t be too far away from the action.

Oh, and just in case you’re actually a participant in the any of the 25th Anniversary tournaments, don’t worry, Tokido won’t actually be competing in them. He’s just here as a guest.


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