Seems that the new summer anime “Sword Art Online” is all ready to release cute figures! The anime is not out yet  but the production company, Ascii Media Works has started to showcase the little petite nendo sized “niitengo” figures.


Sword Art Online is definitely one of the most anticipated anime this season, from the same author of  Accel World! So if you’re a fan of Accel World, you’ll definitely enjoy this series as well.

To start things off, Ascii Media Works are releasing a figure of the main hero, Kirito in his SAO gear, complete with a very minor spoiler if you haven’t read the books or manga yet! Accompanying our hero, we have not one, not two but THREE different versions of the main heroine, Asuna.

The three different versions of Asuna are:

  • Asuna in her guild combat uniform,
  • Asuna in her casual “at home” wear
  • And Asuna handcuffed as Titania during the second major story arc.

Here are some images of the figures:


From Tomopop, we can guess that the anime will most probably cover up to at least the second story arc, so look forward to the anime if you are a fan  the books/manga!
(Source: Tomopop)



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