Famed Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada graced our shores recently, stopping by Singapore’s Bugis Junction shopping mall for a fan-anticipated meet-and-greet session held in the mall’s TKA Virtualand Arcade, a place well known by the local fighting game community.

Directors of Harada’s stature rarely visit Singapore, but for this eventful day we were eagerly there to meet the man that made Namco Bandai’s  Tekken series an icon in the gaming world.

(Above) Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada and Tekken Project Senior Game Designer Michael Murray


The event started off to an already enthusiastic crowd by 7pm in the evening. Organised by Namco Bandai Partners Singapore, the meet-and-greet was held at exactly right where any fighting game enthusiast would dream of, in the heart of the arcade itself. Amongst a row of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade machines a special one-day-only mini-stage set-up stands tall for all to see. With a table ready for an autograph session later on in the day, it also came along with an Arcade Machine setup that had a demo of the console version of Tekken Tag 2 Tournament for fans to try out.



Mr Harada arrived together with Tekken Project’s Senior Game Deisgner Michael Murray, who also translated on behalf of Harada for this segment of the day, where fans get a chance to ask any questions about Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Ranging from questions like the game’s balancing of characters, to gameplay systems it was indeed time to quiz Harada. Harada himself offered detailed answers for each and every one of the fan questions.



In fact, Harada had more than just an answer to every fan’s question. This next segment has the Namco Bandai staff offering an autographed Tekken Tag Tournament 2 poster to 8 lucky fans who answers a question from Namco Bandai staff correctly, the questions themselves test the in depth knowledge of a Tekken enthusiast. Nonetheless the responsive crowd got the answers and the lucky ones got the giveaway posters home.


Autographs are one of the main attraction in most meet and greet sessions, a good memorabilia for many enthusiasts. Fans mostly have their own something for a signature by Harada. From Tekken games to stickers, cards, posters, Harada was generous enough to sign on anything, and as for me I got my special flag inked by Harada.


Harada is not known to shy away from his fan’s requests, and what better way to share with his fans then posing for photos with his own characters cosplayed by our talented local duo. Tekken characters Alisa and Marshall Law turned up for the event much to the delight of many fans ending the day with a myriad of photos.

Harada could not stay for long in Singapore but despite his short visit it sure made his life long fans and many more new gamers appreciate the visions of Harada’s efforts in his work for the future of the Tekken franchise. Be sure to also preorder your copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 slated for a PS3 and Xbox360 release this September 13 in Japan, 11 in North America, 13 in Europe and 10 in Australia respectively.



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