WakamuraP, known for his PVs of 8#Prince songs such as Sweet Devil and Electric Love, and previously a popular producer of [email protected] MADs, will be releasing a book through Shoeisha titled WakamuraP’s Video Recipes: Challenging Nicovideo and Youtube with free tools.

In this book, WakamuraP will introduce some of his methods to create video effects and video editing tricks, mainly with free software like NiVE2 and AviUtl.



In commemoration of the release of this book, there will be an event called WakamuraP’s Video Recipes Extra ~The Making of Sweet Devil~, to be held on the 3rd of August, at 7pm in Akihabara Shosen Book Tower. The event is open to the first 50 people to preorder the book at Shosen.

The book will come with sample effect clips and NiVE project files.

You can see more sample images and videos at the official site here.


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