Zettai Karen Children, about a group of teenage girls who fight crime with their ESPs, will see a third anime season, Shukan Shonen Sunday (published by Shogakukan) revealed in its latest issue, which goes on sale today.

The Sci-Fi comedy series takes place in a futuristic Japan where ESPers – people with special abilities – are appearing with increasing regularity.

ESPers are appraised and ranked by levels, and enlisted by the Japanese government as a means to stop criminal activity committed through the use of special abilities.

The series’ protagonists, Kaoru (psychokinesis), Aoi (teleportation), Shiho (telepathy) are three teenage girls who stand at the forefront of the entire ESPer community, having been appraised as Level 7s – the highest possible level. Together, the three form a special unit known as “The Children”.

First seriealised in Shukan Shonen Sunday in 2005, the Zettai Karen Children comics has had a 30-volumes run thus far, with over six million copies sold.

In 2008 and 2009 the series was adapted into an anime series that ran for two seasons or 51 episodes, broadcasted on TV Tokyo and its affiliates. An OVA was also released in 2010.

To commemorate the occasion, a poll is being conducted over at the series’ official website to determine which of seven illustration pieces will be used as the basis of a poster-towel to be sold in the near future.

Source: Mantan-web


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