Arc System Works has just revealed their new successor to the fan favourite Blazblue franchise. Known as Blazblue Chrono Phantasma, was announced at Arc System Works’s yearly event “BlueFes 2012 -Riot Summer Again-” just yesterday.

The game has new updates and features, and introduces 3 new characters to join the fray.  The game is scheduled to launch in Japanese arcades by winter 2012, while location tests will take place at Akihabara’s Hey arcade from August 6 through August 12. So if you’re in Japan, do have a sneak preview of the game. Arc System Works has a promotional video shown below, also screend during its sunday event.

New updates:

  • Renewed background graphics
  • Character design drawn by Mr. Toshimichi Mori ( Director and Producer of the Blzablue series)
  • New game BGM music
  • 3 new characters “Amane = Nishiki”, “Barrett” and  “Azrael”
  • Changes to the design parts of existing characters
  • Added new moves to existing characters
  • Configurations and screen changes ( guard primer now not shown)



Amane = Neshiki


Source: 4Gamer


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