Square Enix and Sony announces a Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Dual Pack for Asia  just one day before the Final Fantasy makers are set to unveil to the world “new information about the direction of Lightning’s story at the series’ 25th Anniversary Event in Tokyo tomorrow.

The two-pack compilation for PlayStation 3, officially called “”Final Fantasy XIII/Final Fantasy XII-2 Dual Pack” features both games with Japanese voices and interchangeable English or Chinese text, and will be available in Singapore and other Asian regions on September 12, to be sold for the recommended retail price of S$99.90 (although Play-Asia is listing it at a much higher price).

On top of both games, the set also comes with a  a set of post cards: the “Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 Post Card Best 8 Selection”, as it’s called.

If tomorrow’s announcement does indeed turn out to be a Final Fantasy XIII-3, then it might be a good idea to grab the dual pack so that you have a good idea on the story so far.

Although no official pre-order campaign has been announced yet, readers in Singapore who’d like to make a pre-order should head down to their favourite PlayStation partner shop. We recommend enquiring with Gamescore or FunzCentre.


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