Brace yourself, Guild Wars 2 pre-purchasers, for yet another chance to play The Game before it officially comes out next week.

Developer ArenaNet has just announced on their Facebook page that they will be conducting a server stress-test later today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone).

It’s scheduled to start on Pacific Time (GMT-0700 hours) August 15 from 12:00 noon to 4PM, which translates to Singapore time (GMT+0800 hours) August 16, 3AM to 7AM.

If you’ve participated in any of the previous weekend betas or server stress-test events, your save data will carry over.

If you’ve only participated in weekend betas, but never a stress-test, and are contemplating taking leave tomorrow so you can take part in this one, fair warning from us: they really mean it when they say this is a stress test. There have been reports of players not being able to log-in at all when the servers were overloaded during these tests.

Besides, Guild Wars 2 comes out two weeks from now, August 28. And all gamers who’ve pre-purchased the game will access it three days earlier, on August 25 (all dates given relate to Pacific Time). So let someone else do the stress testing, and improve the game experience for you, two weeks from now.

Even if this is the game that critics expect to finally dethrone World of Warcraft, there’s really no rush!

Guild Wars 2 can be pre-purchased from

If you’ve pre-purchased Guild Wars 2, let us know which server you and your friends are planning to play on in the comments below.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Facebook page [via Guild Wars 2 Guru]


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