Three songs originally featured in Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend will be making their way to Project Diva Arcade on September 6.

  • Nekomimi Switch / Cat Ears Switch (ねこみみスイッチ); Music & lyrics by daniwell, illustration by Miro (ミロ)
  • Rin Rin Signal -Append Mix- (リンリンシグナル -Append Mix-); Music & lyrics by Dios/SignalP (シグナルP), Illustration by Watarinarumi (ワタリナルミ)
  • Lovers Suicide in Oblivion / Boukyaku Shinjuu (忘却心中); Music by OPA, lyrics by Asaki No’9, illustration by Ichika (壱加)

The new songs will be selectable once Project Diva Arcade is patched on September 6.

There’s actually an update for Project Diva Arcade today as well, but it’s not for new songs.

Instead, three new modules have been released:

  • TYPE2020 – 250vp, designed by Supercell’s Shirow Miwa (三輪士郎)
  • Sonic Style (ソニックスタイル) – 250vp, designed by Sega’s Yuji Uekawa (上川祐司)
  • Loreley (ローレライ) – 250vp, designed by Anko (あんこ)


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