The Dreamcast controller makes a cameo in the PV for RemoCon (リモコン). Did you notice that from watching any of the previous songs trailers for the game?

In the following video interview, the Hatsune Miku Project Diva f development team says that as much as possible they’ve tried to include interesting parodies or references here and there throughout the game for players to find. Some of it will be obvious, some of it won’t. The Dreamcast controller falls under the former category – it’s an actual item that you’ll be able to use as decoration in the My Room feature of the game.

The developers also talked about the story behind the Phantasy Star Online 2 tie-in as seen in the PV for the song Online Game Addicts Sprechor (ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール).

When it was decided that Online Game Addicts Sprechor would make it into Project Diva f’s track list, the team really wanted to have actual MMOG references in the PV for it. Which means they would have to approach an actual MMOG maker to ask for permission to include any such recognisable elements.

Fortunately, Sega already has a current MMOG property: Phantasy Star Online 2.

So they approached the PSO2’s producer Tabata Sakae, who told them “well, since within Sega we’re pretty much the only MMOG property… and since it’s Hatsune Miku, sure, we’ll go along with it.”


AR Live

The above video interview you see above is actually the second of a two-parter.

Here’s the first part, which has the developers discussing the process they took with creating character modules, and a brief demonstration of the game’s AR Live function.


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