Remember those five songs we told you about yesterday? Sega has just uploaded a fresh batch of screenshots from the game today that gives you an idea of what the PVs for these songs are like. They’ve also got pictures of the accompanying modules for these songs.

That’s not all. Sega has also included a bunch of screenshots depicting the new and improved Edit Mode in Project Diva f. This will let you create your custom PVs and note patterns for the songs featured in the game. Some of the new functionality includes:

  • A high-angle camera view
  • The ability to have up to three Vocaloids in a single PV
  • The ability to add three-note bursts (OOO, for instance), Technical Zone and Scratching marks
  • Changeable facial expressions are now more varied (Update: refer to SGCafe reader salanos’s comment at the end of this post)
  • Band instruments

Best of all, every single Edit Mode creation will be usable in AR Live mode, which will replace the backgrounds in your PV with your actual environments as captured through the PS Vita back-facing camera.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f for the PlayStation Vita comes out in Japan and Asia August 30.

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Kamikyoku / 神曲

Artiste: AnyuuP (あにゅうP)

Module: Holy Goddess (ホーリーゴッデス)

Module Design: HannyaG (はんにゃG)


Kagamine Hachi Hachi Hana Gassen / 鏡音八八花合戦

Artiste: MojyaP/Niregiru (モジャP/にれぎる)

Modules: Kagamine Rin Ame / Kagamine Len Hougetsu

[鏡音リン 雨(あめ) / 鏡音レン 鳳月 (ほうげつ)]

Module Design: melou

Tengaku / 天楽

Artiste: Yuuyu (ゆうゆ)

Modules: Kagamine Rin Ougetsu / Kagamine Len Tsuru

[鏡音リン 桜月(おうげつ) / 鏡音レン 鶴(つる)]

Module Design: melou

Stay with me

Artiste: shu-t

Module: Noel Rouge (ノエル・ルージュ)

Module Design: Asami (アサミ)


Artiste: [email protected] ([email protected]暴走P)

Module: Wilful Factory Manager / Wagamama Koujouchou (わがまま工場長)

Module Design: [email protected] ([email protected]暴走P)

Edit Mode



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