I bet this was exactly what Mami Tomoe had in mind when she told Madoka Kaname to “wish for a cake” if she didn’t know what to do with her wish.

(In the world of Puella Magi Madoko Magica, the magical creature Kyubey offers to grant talented individuals a wish – anything they desire – on the condition that they enter into a contract with him to fight demons as a Mahou Shoujo or Magical Girl.)

Bandai’s official online store Premium Bandai has begun taking pre-orders today for a “Kyubey Face Cake”, made with vanilla mousse and cranberry sauce, that will ship out in November to fans of the anime series who’d love nothing more than to take a bite into the villainous magical cat’s likeness.

This is not the first time Premium Bandai has offered a cake based on the critically-acclaimed anime series from 2011.

A Mami Tomoe-themed “Mou Nani mo Kowakunai” (“I’m not afraid of anything anymore”) cake with pineapple and peach fruit bits in it was made available earlier this year.

To commemorate the forthcoming theatrical release of two Puella Magi Madoka Magica films, Premium Bandai will once again take pre-orders for the Mami Tomoe-inspired cake later this year in October.

Source: Comic Natalie, Premium Bandai


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