Can’t get enough of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and DmC Devil May Cry from just the official Gamescom trailers alone?

Then watch Raiden and Dante go at it (separately) in these play videos captured on cameras from the Gamescom showfloor in Germany. 

Raiden’s robot friend sadly doesn’t make an appearance at the Gamescom demo (maybe at TGS?). Still, you get to watch Raiden slice up some poor sod’s car, and some other poor sod (who’s probably not the owner of that classy car) like sashimi.


DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante makes some sashimi too. But he prefers to use only fresh, live demons from the world of Limbo for ingredients. If you were worried that this series reboot might stray too far from the core gameplay experience that Devil May Cry’s been known for, this video below should put you at ease.


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