Singapore has been a faithful participant of the World Cosplay Summit since the year 2006 and now to up the excitement of the competition, a new system has been introduced to determine the representatives.

The World Cosplay Summit began its prestigious World Cosplay Championship since year 2005, and was designed to determine a Grand Champion through stage performances by representative teams from each participating country.

The new system will aid in the selection of Singapore’s World Cosplay Summit Representatives for the year 2013!

The following information is adapted from Cosfest Asia:

All interested cosplayers/non cosplayers will register with us first as individuals. You will be interviewed and auditioned by us. We will also explain to you what is required to join the World Cosplay Summit. At this point, you are not required to have any costumes ready yet. We will then announce the shortlisted group of cosplayers who will then go on to the next phrase. Bear in mind that lots of physical stamina is required to be the WCS Singapore National Team because you will have to go around in many costumes at Nagoya during the Championship!

After that, the WCS Singapore manager team will hold a session where all who have signed up to be considered for WCS Singapore draw lots to decide who they have been paired up with.

In this system, you do not form your own ready teams but instead, be paired up with another cosplayer.

Only after you are paired up, then do the both of you start on costume discussion, performance planning and costume making.

The purpose of this is to encourage more interaction between various cosplayers and for you to make more friends.

If you are interested, message us here at the Cosfest Facebook with your:
Full name
Nick name
Contact number:
Series you would like to cosplay to enter the World Cosplay Summit Selection rounds

Let’s have a great WCS Singapore 2013 National selection round!”
For more information visit the following sites

Cosfest Asia Mainpage :


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