Next week, PlayStation Vita owners will finally be able to get their hands on the English/Chinese dual-language version of Ragnarok Odyssey (voices are in Japanese).

The four-player online-enabled monster-hunting action game (yes, we’re implying it’s like Monster Hunter), which we detailed in a previous post here, will make its debut at retail on August 16, to be sold for S$54.90.

A digitally-downloadable version will also be available from the PlayStation Store from August 22, priced at S$45.19.

This will be the second time that the four-player online-enabled monster-hunting adventure has been released in Asia; back in March, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (SCEH) also distributed an Asian version of the game that was completely in Japanese.

As their way of expressing appreciation to customers who purchased and played the Japanese edition of the game despite the lack of localisation, SCEH has added a save-data-import feature in next week’s English/Chinese version of the game, that will allow existing players to migrate their save data from the Japanese version over to the new localised edition – as long as the save data was created after updating to version 1.30.

First-print copies of the English/Chinese edition will come with a limited-edition “Ragnarok Odyssey Original Soundtrack”, as well as an online code for an in-game outfit, the “Gunslinger”. The outfit comes with a “Gunslinger Card” that is said to greatly boost HP and AP when equipped.

There will also be a Ragnarok Odyssey themed Trooper Pack for PlayStation Vita (it’s a pouch) available at launch. However, at the moment we’re unsure if this will come free with first-print editions of the game, or if it will be sold separately.

Gamers who purchase Ragnarok Odyssey (English/Chinese edition) within two months of the game’s August 16 release will also be entitled to receive an online code for “TaeKwon Kid”, another in-game outfit with comes with a “TaeKwon Kid Card” that boosts attack and defense. Folks who purchase the first-print edition on day-one automatically qualify for this bonus as well, naturally.

To pre-order the game in Singapore, head over to any PlayStation partner store near you (full list here).


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