To commemorate the release of her new album tomorrow, Shoko Nakagawa is hosting a very special episode of her regular Nico Nico Live broadcast that will run for 24 hours long.

The broadcast will begin August 15, 12-midnight JST (GMT+0900) – which is August 14, 11PM Singapore time (GMT+0800) – all the way till the same time the following day.

The stream is entitled:
Shoko-tan’s Nico-user Live (in Harajuku): Shoko Nakagawa tries to sell her new mini-album nsum~ Exclusive 23-hour TV – You can save Nakagawa with your purchase of a copy
(しょこたんのユーザー生(原宿)nsum~中川翔子が売ってみた!~ 独り24時間テレビ -あなたの一枚が中川を救う-) .

And it will include a music video showcase of past Shoko Nakagawa songs, a live feed of various fans’ meet-and-greet handshake sessions throughout the day, as well as talk sessions with invited guests Hyadain (ヒャダイン), Hachiouji-P (八王子P), Merochin (めろちん), kz(livetune), sasakure.UK, and Hyakka Ryoran (百花繚乱).



During the broadcast Shoko-tan will somehow attempt to sell 3,000 copies of her newly released mini-album from her live location (it’s not stated how fans are supposed to buy a copy that will count towards this tally; probably only the copies sold at the Harajuku location will count).

Even if you can’t tune in to the the full 24-hour broadcast, at least try to tune in near the end to find out if Shoko-tan manages to accomplish her goal or not.

Shoko Nakagawa’s new mini-album, nsum~Nakagawa Shoko ga Utatte Mita! comes out tomorrow, August 15.

Alternate CD jacket illustration, for the regular CD (without DVD) version

Here’s the link to the livestream:

Nico Nico Douga regular and premium users alike can hit the yellow button that says タイムシフト予約 to DVR the entire broadcast, so that you can skim through the entire 24-hour long video to get to the parts you want to see.

Full program schedule as follows:

00:00—Music videos and selected live footage

12:00—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 1)

12:45—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 2)

13:30—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 3)

14:15—Guest appearance!
Hyadain (ヒャダインさん) plays a game live on stream♪

15:00—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 4)

15:45—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 5)

16:30—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 6)

17:30—Guest appearances!
sasakure.UK talks about the album♪
Hyakka Ryoran-san (百花繚乱さん) tells us about his occasional visits to the Nico Nico Douga site♪

19:15—Guest appearances! kz(livetune)and Hachiouji-P (八王子P) talks about the album♪ Merochin (めろちんさん) choreographs for a song live on stream♪

21:00—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 7)

21:45—Fans’ handshake session live-feed (session 8)

22:30—Special Talk Session!!
Can Shoko-tan sell 3,000 copies of her new mini-album?
What will happen to Shoko-tan if she doesn’t sell 3,000 copies?
A final spurt for the goal in this 24-hour broadcast!!

24:00—Results announcement &Broadcast Over!

※ Schedule times are a rough approximation.
※ Events might be moved forward or back, depending on circumstances.

Source: Natalie, Barks


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