Sleeping Dogs, arguably the biggest video game title in August, comes out tomorrow, August 14.

In this open-world cop drama set in Hong Kong, you play as Chinese-American undercover cop Wei Shen, who infiltrates and gets in deep with the triad organisation known as “Sun On Yee” (it’s a reference to a real-life triad gang).

Expect chopsocky fisticuffs that mixes martial arts with improvisational fighting styles. Expect blazing gunfights on the streets of Hong Kong where some unfortunate fruit-seller’s stall may be the only cover for you to duck under for a brief respite, before you jump out and shoot bad guys in the head mid-dive. Expect moral ambiguity, in a storyline whose missions will sometimes require you to be a bad guy in order to be the good guy.

Also expect top-notch voicing work, from an international cast that includes Will Yun Lee, Edison Chen, Emma Stone, Kelly Hu, and more.

Take a listen in the launch trailer for the game:

Apart from the launch trailer, Square Enix has also put out a live-action fight film based on the game – which is itself inspired by Hong Kong cinema.

Warning: This short film contains drug use, violent content, and strong language which may be pretty intense for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Which did you like better?

Sleeping Dogs is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles August 14 in Singapore and the United States, available at all good video games retailers. 


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