Thought you finished your tour of duty in Dubai as Colonel John Konrad in 2K Games’s Spec Ops: The Line, didn’t you? Well, think again, pardner.

Developer Yager has just added four brand new 2-player co-operative missions to the game, available via a 200+MB DLC pack.

These co-op missions are playable online as well as offline via system-link.

Here’s what each of the four new missions entail. Consider this your mission briefing:

  • Carpark Extraction – Reach the chopper before a devastating sandstorm prevents your extraction
  • Gorge Top – Locate and assassinate the 33rd VIP. Get out of there once the target is down before reinforcements arrive!
  • Refugees – You are a part of a refugee insurgency in an encampment held by Konrad soldiers. Your objective is to get out of there alive!
  • Graveyard Sabotage – Hack the Com Stations in order to scotch communication with Enemy-HQ

Each mission can be played on four difficulty levels, with the hardest being FUBAR (F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition).

Even on the easiest difficulty level, these missions are no cakewalk. In Graveyard Sabotage, for instance, you start the mission by going into a firefight with unidentified targets that you can’t see, due to a sandstorm, and ends with a heavily fortified area filled with tangos who are trying to flush you out with rocket launchers.

The co-operative mode DLC pack is available now, free to all Specs Ops: The Line players.


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