In a Twitter response to a fan query on the maximum number of players allowed in Tekken Tag Tournament 2‘s online lobbies, producer Katsuhiro Harada said that Tag 2 will have 6-player lobbies at launch.

The Tekken Team – through Harada – also added that new online features will be gradually introduced post-launch through system upgrade DLCs. One of these post-launch modes, he revealed today, would be 50-player lobby arenas similar to SoulCalibur V’s  Global Colosseo mode.

From the lobby arenas, you’ll be able to create and join 16-player lounges where everyone within will be able to play and text-chat with one another.

Why not include all the functionality up-front on the disc?

There’s a very good reason for that: Harada explains that giving players too many online options all at once would cause the total pool of players to be dispersed into many segregated sub-pools, which would make finding lag-free matches that much harder.

So the approach that Harada and the Tekken Project Team is taking is to periodically update the game and introduce features in accordance to players’ needs.

Apart from additional online modes, Harada also said that more DLC characters and stages are also planned down the line, all of it free, of course (in case you somehow missed that in our long interview with the outspoken producer with questions from the fighting games community).

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 comes out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video games console platforms on September 11.

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Source: @Harada_TEKKEN


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