This year’s World Cosplay Summit has shown a myriad of cosplayers from all over the world with beautifully crafted armor and costumes. What makes this year’s WCS different from last year’s? Let’s find out!

The “World Cosplay Summit” also known as WCS, was created to promote international exchange through the Japanese youth culture of manga and anime. The cosplay event sponsored by TV Aichi has grown from a weekend event in 2003 to an international event comprising of the parade and championship. The event is now held annually on the Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend of August since 2006.

The World Cosplay championship began in 2005 and is designed to determine a Grand Champion through stage performances by representative teams from each participating country. The championship is graded on the finish of the costume design and the teams performance on stage.

This year, England, Indonesia and Russia have joined to bring the total participating nations to 20. The championships held on the 4th of August 2012 has just come to an end and indeed it has been one of the most exciting years. With amazing performances and fabulous costumes that one will only witness once every few years!

Representatives waiting for the results to be announced

Team Japan won the top prize clinching the Championship title for the World Cosplay Summit 2012!

Team Singapore placed second with a breath taking performance and commendable costumes

Team Indonesia placed third with their amazing costumes and well-choreographed performance

The Best Wig award went to team Brazil

The Brother award went to Team Singapore once again

Italy claims the prize for faithfulness to the original series

Performances from the other countries

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