Vergil, Dante’s long-lost twin brother appears in this new Gamescom 2012 trailer for Capcom and Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry – a reboot for the series.

The silver-haired older twin appears before dark-haired Dante to recuit him for The Order, an organisation that seeks to free the human world from grasp of demons – who apparently ran the orphanage where Dante was raised.

Vergil’s bio in DmC Devil May Cry:

Vergil is Dante’s twin brother. While Dante was put into an orphanage run by demons and ended up a street kid, Vergil was adopted into a rich, educated and very privileged home. A highly intelligent and gifted individual, he wrote a security encryption program that eventually made him a multi-millionaire before he even finished school. Vergil hates the demons for having killed his mother and enslaved his father and uses his riches in the single minded pursuit to bring them down. Calculating and dispassionate, Vergil’s decisions are always logical, strategic and never emotional. He formed the underground organisation known as The Order to research the demons with the goal of toppling their hold over humanity.

The trailer also contrasts Vergil’s cold, calculative nature, with Dante’s hot-headed brashness, when one of their own – Kat, a female psychic – is trapped in Limbo. Vergil opts to abandon her lest risk the fate of humanity, but Dante is unwilling to leave without her.

Source: Xbox360GamerSA


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