Continuing with our Visual Visual Art event coverage is its Live Concert report!

Visual Art’s Big Thanks Festival ・Shift: Next -> Generation! Live Concert

At around 4pm, the live concert began within the internal dome. An estimated 8000-9000 audiences filled the seats of the dome. As photography is strictly prohibited, there will be no images for the live concert. Images attached are credits from Famitsu’s own report.


Below is the full list of the songs performed by both I’ve and KSL singers, with comments:

I’ve Sound

The event begins with the I’ve Sound section to kick off the event. The screen lit up with a rather cool presentation of all I’ve members performing in the event.


1.「恋愛CHU! -Remix-」 KOTOKO and Kaori Utatsuki

A song also originally performed by KOTOKO and Kaori Utatsuki, the song is a remix of the OP theme of visual novel of the same name, 恋愛CHU!of SAGA PLANETS. Very upbeat, and a great energetic start to the event.



2.「Double HarmoniZe Shock!!」 KOTOKO and Kaori Utatsuki

A song included originally in a collection of I’ve songs called SHORT CIRCUIT II. An amazingly catchy chorus made this song very enjoyable.

KOTOKO leaves the stage after an MC to welcome the audience.


3.「Pure Heart ~世界で一番アナタが好き~ -Remix- 」 Kaori Utatsuki

A song performed originally by AKI for the game Pure Heart ~世界で一番アナタが好き~ of SAGA PLANETS, this song is covered by Kaori. The song was already originally covered by Kaori in the first SHORT CIRCUIT album.

The song is also written by fellow singer KOTOKO. One of the songs labelled as “classic” Visual Art’s song, this song is nostalgic and stirs the audience.


4.「Do you know the magic?」 Kaori Utatsuki

Also another song written by KOTOKO, this song is the opening theme of the visual novel 魔法はあめいろ?by Sirius in the year 2004. A song with very specific return calls from the audience, the song is well received.


5.「verge」 Eiko Shimomiya

Eiko Shimomiya entered the stage with green lasers blaring down on the arena floor, a real visual treat. The song is the theme song of the game 絶望PLUS ~青い果実の散花~ of Studio Mebius.

Shimomiya also jokes about her not being as cute and youthful as KOTOKO and Kaori’s performance during the MC as well. Kaori hands over the stage to Eiko Shimomiya following this song.

6.「sacred words」 Eiko Shimomiya

Theme song of the game Sense Off 〜a sacred story in the wind〜 of otherwise, another song from the early 2000s.

7.「さよならを教えて ~comment te dire adieu~」 Eiko Shimomiya

Originally performed by MELL, the song is from the game of the same name, さよならを教えて ~comment te dire adieu~ of Craft Work. The song is quite haunting and very well performed by Shimomiya.

This song is a really nice tribute to MELL, as she wasn’t at the event due to bad health. The song ends Shimomiya’s section.


8.「Rolling Star☆彡」Larval Stage Planning

A relatively new group, Rolling Star☆彡  is the theme song of the game キサラギGOLD★STAR -moonlight serenade in autumn- , also of SAGA PLANETS performed by upcoming unit Larval Stage Planning.

The only song performed solely by the unit that day.


9.「under the darkness」 C,G mix

The theme song of the game 鬼畜眼鏡 of Spray, C,G mix comes off as a charismatic performer on the stage and delivers the song amidst the screams of “Aniki!!” from the arena floor.


10.「Welcome to HEAVEN!」 C,G mix

Opening theme of the visual novel 学園ヘヴン プレイステーション2版, also by Spray. This song brings closure to C,G Mix’s section.


11.「Wind and Wander」 Mami Kawada

Opening theme of the game Silvern ~銀の月、迷いの森~ of g-clef, the song is a really old song by Mami Kawada and shows of Kawada’s famous vibrato.


12.「birthday eve」 Mami Kawada

Another song from the early 2000s, birthday eve is from a visual novel called Sense Off by otherwise.


13.「Blaze a trail」 Mami Kawada

An original song only included in G.C. BEST -I’ve GIRL’s COMPILATION BEST-, this song concludes the Mami Kawada section.


14.「Abyss」 KOTOKO

As KOTOKO enters the stage again, she brings the signature trance music of I’ve from the visual Last Order of 13cm.


15.「Time heals all sorrows」 KOTOKO

An instant favourite song as another classic resounds through the halls again. Theme song of Care ~癒すべき不治の狂気~ of Radi, this song showed off KOTOKO’s solid voice as she lights up the arena during the chorus.


16.「Close to me…」 KOTOKO

The first song of KOTOKO as she joins I’ve in the year 2000, it is the theme song of the game effect ~悪魔の仔~ by game maker 裸足少女. KOTOKO notes that this is a very important song to her due to the history of the song and how it ties herself to Visual Art’s.


17.「bumpy-jumpy!」 KOTOKO

A song from the game ナツユメナギサ by SAGA PLANETS, this song is quite a new song, from the year 2009.


18.「F*CK ME」OUTER with Kazuya Takase

Pardon the name of the song, OUTER is a unit formed by KOTOKO and music creators. Originally from 吐溜 -TRASH- , the song boasts a very strong rhythm throughout the song.


19.「Leave me hell alone 」 OUTER

The theme song to the visual novel DEVOTE2 ~いけない放課後~ by 13cm, it is yet another fast and jumpy song.


20.「Princess Brave!」  OUTER with UYE!

A classic KOTOKO, covered with together by OUTER and UYE!, it is the theme song of the game プリンセスブライド by 130cm. This song concludes the KOTOKO/OUTER section.

Fans of I’ve demanded an encore, and I’ve responded with the entire crew of I’ve.


21.「Fair Heaven」 All I’ve members

A special song performed by all I’ve members at the event, the song is a special song once performed in I’ve in Budokan 2005.



Key Sound Label (KSL)

A 15minutes intermission before the next portion of the live, the audience barely had a chance to take a short break before the screen lights up with a musical compilation of all Key games, with their corresponding theme songs and music.


22.「Harvest」  Aoi Tada

The theme song of Key’s latest game Rewrite Harvest Festa, Aoi Tada opened up the stage as she begins the KSL portion of the live. Upbeat and energetic, she brought renewed energy to the arena.

The screen goes dark as she leaves the stage, only to leave a spotlight on the drummer, who began drumming to the beat of…


23.「Crow Song」 LiSA and marina

Probably the most famous Girl’s Dead Monster song, Crow Song is a song from the animation work Angel Beats of the year 2010. The performance was so energetic as both LiSA and marina brought the mood up with very effective calls to the audience. The entire arena explodes in a sea of Orange as ultra orange lightsticks signalled one of the most anticipated songs of the live.

After a short MC, LiSA leaves the stage for marina to perform her own solo.


24.「Alchemy」 marina

Also a song from the anime Angel Beats!, the song Alchemy is an insert song to the anime. Also highly energetic, the song was performed with very powerful gusto.


25.「Thousand Enemies」 LiSA

LiSA resumes after a short break and comes onto the stage, again with a highly anticipated song. The colour of the arena changes instantly to pink as LiSA performs this signature song of Yui from Angel Beats!

She continues Thousand Enemies to her next song, without any stoppage time.


26.「Day Game」 LiSA

Possibly one of LiSA’s greatest live songs, this is a song produced by Jun Maeda for LiSA, outside of her work in Girl’s Dead Monster. She enters the last chorus portion with the infamous smoke (fire extinguisher) gun amidst the high energy of the crowd.

LiSA ends her portion of the live, and hands it over to another singer of the series.


27.「一番の宝物」 karuta

The finale song of Angel Beats!, the song is originally performed by karuta and she performs the song with a montage clip of Angel Beats! showing on the giant screen.


28.「Brave Song」 Aoi Tada

To conclude the Angel Beats! section and bridge it to the Rewrite section, Aoi Tada performed the ending theme of AB, Brave Song, with grace. Sang to a perfect pitch, Aoi Tada enchanted the audience with the song.


29.「CANOE」 Aoi Tada

Continuing the live, Tada bridged the 2 series by singing another song performed by her for Rewrite. The final ending theme of Rewrite, CANOE is another song that is sure to satisfy fans.


30.「闇の彼方へ」 Runa Mizutani / Nanosize MIR

Taking over the stage from Aoi Tada, Runa Mizutani continued the slow pace set by her predecessors by performing the ending theme of Rewrite.


31.「ささやかなはじまり」 Runa Mizutani / Nanosize MIR

The new ending theme of Rewrite Harvest Festa, Runa managed to stun the audience with a perfect performance, hitting all the high notes at perfect pitch.


32.「Philosophyz」 Runa Mizutani / Nanosize MIR with Shinji Orito and Itaru Hinoue

A surprise guest performance by the creators of the game, illustrator Itaru Hinoue was invited to play the guitar while Shinji Orito the composer, is invited to play on the keyboard of the song. The original opening theme of Rewrite, the song was also yet another stellar performance.

Runa then announced that the following day is the birthday of Shinji Orito, who was wished a happy birthday by the entire arena crowd.


After the short celebration, Orito introduced a new singer to the KSL family.


33.「サンブライト」 Ayaka Kitazawa

Recently picked by Orito in auditions, Ayaka is gracing the KSL stage for the first time. サンブライト is based on the BGM music, Lucia’s theme from Rewrite’s OST.


34.「one’s future」 鈴田美夜子

Miyako Suzuta, Kudryavka Noumi’s seiyuu prances onto the stage yet again in her kigurumi suit. Because of various reasons, she could only appear as such. Despite being slightly short of breath, she pushed on and the song ended with a rain of balloons, very fitting of Kud Wafter’s theme.



Following that, the stage darkens and after a brief period of time, the screen lit up with the trailer of the new highly anticipated anime adaptation Little Busters!.

A date was released as well, October 2012, amidst the roaring cheers of the entire arena.


35.「Alicemagic」 Rita

Taking advantage of the energy, Rita burst into the stage and began the high energy song Alicemagic. The ending theme of the game Little Busters!, Alicemagic has always been a crowd favourite for KSL performances and this one is no different.

Rita MC’ed at this point, and confirmed what everyone saw on the screen as true. LB would be on air from October 2012. Thus, naturally everyone expected the next song.


36.「Little Busters!-Jumper ver.-」 Rita

Another high energy song, Rita performed the final ending theme of Little Busters! with high energy, amidst the sea of glowing ultra orange lightsticks. As everyone is hyped up over the trailer, the song was cheered and called on like never before.

As the song ends, the arena darkens again, this time lighting up with the introduction of the anime CLANNAD, animated by Kyoto Animation. The clip concludes to the beginning of the opening theme of the anime.


37.「メグメル」 eufonius

A unit consisting Riya and Hajime Kikuchi, Riya is the original singer of all CLANNAD songs, including the opening theme of the game and anime CLANNAD.

This is the only song performed by eufonius and they left the stage after a very short MC. The screen then begins showing the final scenes of CLANNAD ~Afterstory, and breaks into the last song of the live.


38.「だんご大家族」 Chata

Likely one of the most touching live songs to enjoy in KSL’s library,  だんご大家族 is a song adapted from Nagisa’s theme in the visual novel version and is the ending theme of the TV anime CLANNAD.

The stage breaks into a sea of stars as Chata enters the final portion of the live and ends the live with a touching climax.



As the live ends, the puzzled audience wonders regarding the absence of Lia, one of the star performers of KSL. The audience then begins to chant the call for an encore, and VA20 responded with the queen of Key songs, Lia.

e1.「鳥の詩」 Lia

The evergreen classic Tori no Uta was pitch perfect. The opening theme for both the game and anime adaptation of AIR, the song is hailed as the “National Anthem” of anime. Definitely the most impactful song of the night by far, Lia delivered the song with ease.

Following the song, Lia explained to the audience why she wasn’t performing in an earlier timeslot. It was the idea of Visual Art’s Vava Shachou to place her in the encore.

She then jokes about a chanced encounter with ex-staff Magome Togoshi.


e2.「Medley (青空、nostalgia、Life is like a Melody、夏影)」 Lia

As she begins the song, there were no accompanying music. She surprised most of the audience, and set them on the first stage of this emotional song. 青空 is an insert song from the anime AIR is one of the most tear-jerking songs by Lia.

As she ends the first verse, she switches to nostalgia, a B-Side of the single Natsukage/nostalgia, another timeless classic by Lia.

Transiting to the next part of the medley, Lia enters with the final chorus portions of Life is like a Melody and brings an emotional trance to everyone familiar with the song, and herself.

Last but not least, she ends the medley, with 夏影, from the single Natsukage/nostalgia again. This time, she ended the last chorus portion, a whole note higher, bringing the arena into another climax.


e3.「My Soul, Your Beats!」 Lia

The final song by Lia, she sings the opening theme of TV anime My Soul, Your Beats!. A very good choice to end her portion, it is essentially speaking volumes of her Lia’s songs, are a part of everyone’s feelings.

As the song concludes, the rest of the singers all entered the stage, wearing a bright orange exclusive shirt. They began one of the last MCs for the live and talks about the brief history of I’ve, KSL, Key and Visual Art’s. Of course, there is no other songs to reminiscent, then Last regrets.


e4.「Last regrets」 All singers except Lia

The opening theme of anime and game Kanon, the song was originally performed by I’ve member Ayaka in the year 1999. Everyone participated in the performance except Lia, who went backstage to change into the new shirt.

The audience were encouraged to participate by singing along as well, with the lyrics displayed on screen.

To end the live, the singers sang their last song of the live, the theme song of the event.



e5. 「Orpheus ~君と奏でる明日へのうた~」 All singers

Written by president of Visual Art’s, Vava shachou, Orpheus is a song about the pains and eventual fruitful returns of being a creator. The lyrics were displayed on the screen again, as everyone sang along.

The live ended with a big bow by all the singers and Vava shachou, who was on stage as well.


VA20 Post-Event Goods Sales

After the event, the special shirt was released for sale in public. Within just 8 minutes of the closure of the live event, the shirt sold out. The rest of the people continued queuing for items they missed out and yet the queue still stretched for a considerable distance.

The event ended at close to 10pm as the crowd gradually dispersed, still humming along the melodies of the beautiful songs, still thinking back fondly of the wonderful memories created that day.

Next year, Visual Art’s / Key will be celebrating it’s 15th anniversary as well! Let us all look forward to it!


Image source: famitsu


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