Mayu Watanabe, better known to AKB48 fans as “Mayuyu”, has been cast as Natsuki Suzuura (涼浦ナツキ) the female lead character in Sunrise’s anime film re-interpretation of Taku Muyumura’s classic sci-fi children’s novel, Nerawareta Gakuen.

On top of voicing the lead role, the 18-year-old will also perform the movie’s ED theme song. This is a different track from the opening theme that was previously revealed to be composed and performed by doujin music group Supercell.

The anime movie, which opens in theatres in Japan November 10, is not an adaptation (like many anime sites presumed) but rather a re-interpretation of Taku Muyumura’s original work. Whereas the 1981 children’s novel revolved around students – lead characters Michiru Takamizawa and Koji Seki – from a middle school in Osaka’s Abeno prefecture, this new film is instead set in a Kamakura school, and tells the story of Natsuki and her childhood friend Kenji Seki.

Ryosuke Nakamura (TV anime Monster) takes on directing duties in this Sunrise’s Studio 8 production.

This is the first time Nerawareta Gakuen (ねらわれた学園) has appeared in animated form. Previously the children’s novel had been adapted into a total of six live-action productions: four serial TV dramas, and two films.

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