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There has been a sudden furore over the word “cosplay” in the Philippines as it has been trademarked by Cosplay.ph.

As quoted:

“The purpose of the wordmark was preemptive in order to keep the word “cosplay” safe so that it cannot be used to impede us from organizing cosplay events, because it is very closely associated with our branding. We believe that this measure was imperative for us to grow and flourish and so that we can continue to develop world-class events that we all know Filipino Cosplayers deserve.”

Further investigation from members of the Filipino Cosplay community have noted that this was because of an event that happened in the past. A yahoo group called Pinoy Cosplay was formed in 2000 and in the later part of 2005, the url “pinoycosplay.com” was bought by a Mike Abundo. He created a cosplay forum and had no connection to the admins of the more established group. He did not stop there and continued buying over other urls similar to another Filipino cosplay forum site, trying to lead people to his own forums.

As this “cosplay” has been trademarked by Cosplay.ph since 2011, there has been no reports about any serious ‘action’ taken over the word.

Interestingly, there has been a similar outcry in Singapore where the word cosplay was trademarked in 2005 but nothing has happened since then. What are your thoughts over the word “cosplay” being trademarked or copyrighted in your own country?

Do you believe that the ones who would hold the trademark/copyright would be honourable enough to safeguard it as long as there are no major interruptions over your own cosplay activities?


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