When Sony first announced the Hatsune Miku S Series Walkman, created to commemorate the Vocaloid’s 5th anniversary, pre-orders for the much coveted music player sold out within the span of a few hours.

After all, only 3,939 pieces were available in each of two colours: blue, and black.

Fortunately for Miku fans, there is now a second way to get one: Sony today announced that they will once again open pre-orders for a second batch of “general sales” (non-limited edition) Hatsune Miku S Series Walkman, due to popular demand.

But there’s a catch: the new batch is only available in black.

Sony does not have plans to release a “general sales” model for the blue version.

And since these new pieces are not considered “limited” anymore, don’t expect to see a “####/3939” engraving on the backs of these new pieces.

Apart from that, however, the new batch appears to be similar to the initial pieces offered in all other areas.

If you want one, best head over to Sony’s official online store in Japan and place an order right now – if you have a Japan shipping address. Sony Store Japan does not ship internationally.

Pre-orders are open from now till September 10, 13:00 hours Japan time (GMT+0900), while stocks last.

Source: Sony Store Japan


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