Keiji Inafune is keeping a tight lid on details for his upcoming zombie action game, Yaiba. Not even the folks from Famitsu – who has the scoop on Yaiba in their magazine this week – knows what the game is like.

According to the piece in Famitsu magazine, Inafune visited their offices on a certain day in September on the premise that he would talk about the game. Or so Famitsu thought.

In the end, all Inafune did was bring Famitsu a piece of concept art – which will be shown online tomorrow – but would not say anything concrete, apart from that Yaiba would be a refreshing zombie action game with “ninja” and “mecha” elements. And that more information would come forth on September 20, the first day of Tokyo Game Show.

… And that’s how we end up with a Famitsu story on a brand new game, without information on its developer, publisher, platform, or anything else pertinent.

Except there’s a very high likelihood that Koei Tecmo will be publishing Keiji Inafune’s Yaiba, and not solely because of the “ninja” connection.

As it turns out, Koei Tecmo owns the trademark “Yaiba” in Europe, registered on August 31, 2012.

Which can only mean that the title would be coming to the West. Not at all surprising given that Keiji Inafune has always been vocal about the Western video games industry being at least five years ahead of Japan.

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