AFA has announced crowd favorite LiSA to take the stage once more this November together with singer-seiyuu Minami Kuribayashi and rap-rock duo m.o.v.e. as part of their I Love Anisong experience.

Angel Beats fans will be thrilled with the return of LiSA, who featured in the series as a vocalist of in-story band Girls Dead Monster. The singer, who began her career as the frontman of indie band Chucky in 2005, took Oricon charts by storm with her singles from the series, as well as the opening theme of Fate/Zero. Her new single Crossing Field, theme of Sword Art Online, was just released less than a month ago.

Minami Kuribayashi, propelled to stardom by her involvement in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, has a multitude of series and games from over the years under her belt: Chrono Crusade, My-HiME, Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, and recently, summer 2012 anime Muv-Luv: Total Eclipse as well. An accomplished vocalist, she can also be heard as part of fantastical story-musical group Sound Horizon.

m.o.v.e. should prove to be a familiar name to fans who grew up in the years of classic street-racing series Initial D, whose opening and ending themes such as Around The World, Gamble Rumble and Dogfight were performed by the iconic pair.

Newer fans may recognise vocalist yuri as the voice behind Vocaloid Lily, and rapper motsu is no slouch himself as part of trio ALTIMA, which debuted last year performing themes for Shakugan no Shana Final and Accel World with Maon Kurosaki and fripSide’s Satoshi Yaginuma.

Don’t miss out on these stunning acts and more at Anime Festival Asia 2012’s I Love Anisong live this November!


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